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Surface Exploration

ABN X Plore ® Series rigs offer maximum uptime which considerably increases the productivity of personnel involved in drilling, thereby decreasing costs.

ABN X Plore ® Series drilling rigs are your partner in progress.

ABN X Plore ® Series rigs are available for Surface Exploration, Core Sampling, Blast Hole drilling in mines and quarries.



X-Plore Terra
Drilling Method DTH with Mud Rotary
Hole Diameter Mm Inches
76 mm – 165 mm 3″ – 6.6″
Drill Depth Meters Feet
Maximum Depth 30 M 98 Ft
Rod Handling 5 M 16 Ft
Cylinders Bore Stroke
Stabilizing Cylinders 4 No’s 125 mm 610 mm
Mast Raising Cylinder 2 No’s 100 mm 800 mm
Feed Cylinder 160 mm 2600 mm
Breakout Wrench 80 mm 300 mm
RH Slide Out Cylinder NA NA
Derrick / Tower Assembly Mm Inches
Derrick Overall Length 9000 mm 354″
Derrick Type Sturdy Structural Tubular Type
Rotary Head Travel 7050 mm 278″
Centralized Opening 356 mm 14″
Rotary Head Down the Hole
Torque 710 Upwards Kg-M
Rotation Speed 1 -150 Rpm
Feed System
Pull Back 22,500 Kgf
Pull Down 13,500 Kgf
Hoisting Speed 35 Mtr/Minute
Mud / Centrifugal Pump
Max Flow 1533 LPM
Max Pressure 81.75 kg/cm2
Prime Mover Truck / Track / Skid
Gross Vehicle Weight 12 – 25 Tonnes