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ALLBURTON ABN ® is your partner in progress for the bore hole drilling, mining, exploration and construction sectors Built to global standards with world renowned and trusted branded components our rigs exemplify quality, productivity, up time and longevity

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Allburton Industries Pvt Ltd

Most drilling projects demand productivity, uptime and cost per meter drilling or cost per tonne as a key performance area Our products deliver value and results in those performance areas All our rigs come with the ODT technology which ensures that multi stage or linear torque is delivered by the rotary head at different levels automatically by way of sensors.

Our rigs are extensively deployed in drilling for natural resources ( Coal, and Minerals etc or for any infrastructure development. Their faster cycle time, coupled with well engineered structure, intelligent hydraulics and powerful engines, they outperform their peers in sheer performance and productivity Our Equipment are versatile and an attractive proposition in jobsites, where uptime is of utmost importance.
For your free, no obligation commercial quote on our dependable, affordable or for a bespoke drilling rig please do contact us.