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NIRMAN® Series encompass piling and horizontal directional drilling machines used in construction piling industry.
NIRMAN® Series drill rig is ideal for Foundation Piling drilling application in rock and soft formation. Rock formation using
DTH and soft formation using Auger.
NIRMAN® Series offers flexibility in terms of mounting on prime movers and air compressor can be mounted on separate trolley or truck.



NirMan Radix

Drilling Method Rotary
Hole Diameter Mm Inches
600 – 1000 MM 24″ – 40″
Drill Depth Meters Feet
Maximum Depth 40 M 130 Feet
Kelly and Augers 6 M 20 Ft
Cylinders Bore Stroke
Stabilizing Cylinders 4 No’s 125 mm 610 mm
Mast Raising Cylinder 2 No’s NA NA
Feed Cylinder 2300 mm 4600 mm
Breakout Wrench 80 mm 300 mm
RH Slide Out Cylinder NA NA
Winches Kn Lbs
Winch -1 120 26,500
Winch -2 72 16,000
Engine Cummins 269 HP Tier-3
Centralized Opening 1016 mm 40″
Rotary Head Rotary / CFA
Torque 120 KNm
Rotation Speed 96 rpm
Feed System
Pull Back 36,000 lbs
Pull Down 28,035 lbs
Hoisting Speed 35 Mtr/Minute
Prime Mover Truck / Track
Gross Vehicle Weight 28 MT