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NIRMAN® Series encompass piling and horizontal directional drilling machines used in construction piling industry.
NIRMAN® Series drill rig is ideal for Foundation Piling drilling application in rock and soft formation. Rock formation using
DTH and soft formation using Auger.
NIRMAN® Series offers flexibility in terms of mounting on prime movers and air compressor can be mounted on separate trolley or truck.



Horizontal Directional Drilling on Rubber Padded Tracks
Length 5795 mm
Width 2325 mm
Height 2310 mm
Weight (without Drill Pipe) 8230 kg
Travelling Speed 2.2 km/hour
Engine Make and Model CUMMINS NTSC
Fuel Type Diesel
Maximum Engine Speed 2200 RPM
Number of Cylinders 6 Cylinders with TCIC
Horse-Power Rating 169HP (126 kW)
Maximum Torque 609 Nm @ 1800 RPM
Drill String Length 10 feet (3 m)
Weight of Drill String 35 Kg
DS Loading Capacity 500 Feet (50 Pipe)
Minimum Bend Radius 110 Feet
Pipe Diameter 2.375″
Maximum Torque 6700 Nm
Water Injection Pump Flow Rate 290 LPM
Pressure 1100 PSI
Maximum Rotation Speed 230 RPM
Maximum Rotation Torque 6500 Nm
Minimum Bore Diameter 3.5”
Thrust Force 20000 kg
Pull-Back Force 20000 kg
Electrical System 24 VDC
Auto Rod-loader System Rack-Pinion Type
Auxiliary Pump Relief Pressure 3000 PSI
Pull-back Pump Relief Pressure 6000 PSI
Rotation Pump Relief Pressure 6000 PSI
Engine Oil Capacity 19 Litre
Diesel Tank Capacity 150 Litre
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 210 Litre