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Tipper Body Fabrications

Tipper Body Fabrications
GVW in Tonnes 1 9 12 16 25 31
Tipper  Capacity 1 5 CuM 7.3 CuM 10.5 CuM 16 CuM 23 CuM
Tipping Angle 51 Degrees
Cylinder Type  Front End Tipping
Body Type  Box Body and Rock Body
SUBFRAME 8 mm folded channel of High yield steel strength of + 460 MPA. 
PLATFORM HARDOX 450 ,  10 mm  yield strength of 1200 MPA. Rear beam of HARDOX 450, 6mm thk with guaranteed yield strength of 1200 MPA.
BODY PANELS 6mm   thk  HARDOX  450  &  head board panels will be made of 6mm thk HARDOX 450 
HYDRAULIC TIPPING SYSTEM 4   Stage   cylinder,   Tipper   Valve   HYPRATEK-FMET170-4620/4/C ,HYFIX, Hydraulic pump –gear pump. 
PAINTING SCHEME Main structure –Shot blasted with DFT will be not less than 30 microns. Final two Quotes of not less than 40 microns (DFT). 
STANDARD ACCESSORIES Indicator lamps brackets, Sidelights, Reflectors, Toolbox, Rope Hooks etc. will be provided.

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