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Blast Hole Drilling

X-Plore Dyna
Drilling Method Down the Hole
Hole Diameter Mm Inches
105-115 mm 4 - 4.5"
Drill Depth Meters Feet
Maximum Depth 36M 120 Ft
Rod Handling 5 Ft 3 Inches OD 5 Ft 3 Inches OD
Cylinders Bore Stroke
Stabilizing Cylinders NA NA
Mast Raising Cylinder  NA NA
Feed Cylinder 100 mm 1350 mm
Breakout Wrench NA NA
RH Slide Out Cylinder NA NA
Derrick / Tower Assembly Mm Inches
Derrick Overall Length 5130 mm 201"
Derrick Type Chain Feed / Drifter Channel Type
Rotary Head Travel 3565 mm 140"
Centralized Opening 178 mm 7"
Rotary Head Pneumatic or Rotary
Torque 710 Kg-M
Rotation Speed 1 -150 Rpm
Feed System
Pull Back 2141 Kgf
Pull Down 1530 Kgf
Hoisting Speed 18 Mtr/Minute
Mud / Centrifugal Pump NA  
Max Flow NA
Max Pressure NA
Prime Mover Track with tramming speed 3Km/H
Gross Vehicle Weight 2.7 MT
Pressure PSI/Bar 150 10.3
Flow Rate CFM 450

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