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Auger Motors

Auger Motor
Drive Shaft Torque at Maximum Pressure 1105.0 N·m
Drive Method Gerotor Motor - Direct Drive
Mounting Bracket Design Mini Hydraulic Excavator
Required Hydraulics Standard Flow
Optimal Hydraulic Flow 75-90 L/min (20-24 gpm)
Optimal Hydraulic Pressure 105-150 bar (1523-2176 psi)
Overall Width - With Bracket 280.0 mm
Overall Length - With Bracket 280.0 mm
Overall Height 900.0 mm
Housing Diameter 280.0 mm
Swing Range (fore/aft) 36 degrees
Swing Range (left/right) 76 degrees
Weight 78.0 kg
Motor Displacement 393.0 cm³
Bit Speed at Maximum Flow 191 rpm
Hex Output Shaft Size 51.0 mm

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